Paralism Mining FAQ

After the public network of Paralism was opened , we received positive response from community nodes and other external nodes. The download volume of node software reached a small peak in the evening and the next day morning . Due to the great changes in the software testing environment and the network connectivity of the sub-community nodes, certain  and problems have mentioned.

– Node software link cannot be opened or cannot be downloaded

– Para balance fluctuations or reduction

– Node software stop mining

– Cannot quit on calibration mode


Paralism Light node software link can not be opened or can not be downloaded

The Paralism website server is located abroad. Currently, the speed of visiting foreign websites in China is slower than that of visiting domestic websites. In particular, some network operators lack access to foreign websites, making users slower when accessing foreign links, resulting in users. The node software link will not open, or the download speed will be too slow.

For above problems, it is recommended that users of Paralism node software access Paralism websites and links through VPN; for users who cannot use VPN, Paralism will provide domestic users with mirror links that can download Paralism Light in the underlying technology provider hyper block official website.

Para balance fluctuations or reductions

Connectivity issues

The fluctuation of the Para currency and the consensus mechanism of Paralism itself and the algorithm’s requirements for network connectivity are closely related. The Paralism global consensus uses the Buddy algorithm, which needs to communicate with the neighboring nodes of the network (note, non-physical neighbors), and form Buddy.

At present, most community users node software devices using private IPs that are distributed by routers (non-registered public IPs on the Internet), which can meet local website access requirements, but it is difficult to communicate with external connection nodes by using private IP. . For this part of the user, when doing Para mining, it is very likely that self-excavation occurs because its private IP and other nodes of Paralism that use public IP cannot communicate. And this part of the self-excavated currency, in the hyperblock -global consensus stage, can not be rejected by other nodes and abandoned. This causes the user to see fluctuations and decreases in the amount of Para coins.

Users can obtain more link-oriented IP by restarting the route; or configure their own network connection service with public IP (such as China Unicom, because China Unicom was formerly known as China Netcom and has more public IP). In addition, Paralism will introduce routing penetration in the next version of the node software, allowing nodes to break private IP connection restrictions and communicate with surrounding nodes. In the future, as the number of nodes increases, Paralism will launch corresponding mining connection equipment as appropriate.


In another case, the Para is already on the chain, but Paralism currently defines 120 application blocks for Para’s maturity cycle . If the user mining Para, it will be eliminated if it cannot mature in this period. There are four states in the Paramism main network Para:

Immature: immature

Mature: Mature

Orphan: Immature during the maturity cycle and eventually eliminated

Generated: matured during the maturity cycle and eventually became a permanently mining Para

Users can query the Para status in the node software to understand the possible fluctuations in their Para.

Stop mining

The reason for the node software stoppage is the same as the first case of the fluctuation of the mining balance. The main reason is that the node network connection performance is poor and cannot communicate with other public network nodes, so the mining data of the node itself cannot be recognized or even read by the main network. , which leads to software stoppage.

In this case, the user can now restart the mining by re-acquiring the re-acquisition of the better connectivity IP, or try to disconnect the existing network connection and reconnect the network to restart the mining. The Para obtained by the user before stopping the excavation may vary according to the maturity of the mine after the mine is restarted. There will be no change in the Para or mature Para . In order to avoid the node software stoppage, Paralism will also introduce a solution to improve node connectivity at the software and hardware level.

Cannot quit on calibration mode

The first time the user enters the node software, it will automatically enter the calibration mode. When the account balance is not zero, the user needs to click “Exit Calibration” under the Status menu bar to launch the calibration mode. Some users may stay in calibration mode either because they don’t know when to exit calibration mode or when they exit the path.

After the user automatically enters the calibration mode, the account balance may not change for a long time, so that the user cannot exit the calibration mode. This shows that in the calibration mode, the network connection status can no longer meet the communication requirements between the public network nodes of the Paralism main network. The user needs to adjust the network connectivity to effectively exit the calibration mode and enter the formal mining.

If you have more questions about mining , please pay attention to the official website of Paralism or join our social medium group !