Why Do We Choose to Publish On Chain On Paralism ?



Blockchain can become the core technology advocated, and it cannot be separated from its tamper-proof, distributed storage, and credibility. This also gives the blockchain a chance to witness the deposit, traceability and copyright and business trust. Fist. Through the record of information, data and resources, and then fully mobilize the advantages of distributed computing power and distributed network, the digitalization of trust in the chain business is a task that the future blockchain must carry.

At present, the blockchain development is turbulent, and the market nerves jump up and down with the rise and fall of the encrypted digital currency, and the blockchain potential is severely limited. Blockchain needs to be experienced by more people, thus better communicating the feasibility of blockchain in other areas. The reality is that traditional blockchains with poor performance are difficult to support rising business demands, and traditional blockchains mainly support digital currency-based businesses, which are difficult to integrate with real-world businesses.

Paralism supported by the parallel blockchain not only supports the massive data uplink because of its multi-chain coexistence and single-chain fragmentation, but also the parallel blockchain creatively decouples the chain consensus from the application layer consensus. Blockchain can support large quantities of non-transactional data, such as content, identity information, business information, etc., without affecting digital consistency and data relationships, thus realizing information flow, business flow, cash flow, and value flow. Integration. And all this, you need to start with the Paralism data. A few days ago, the Paralism platform has launched publishing on chain function soon after the public beta network was opened to the public. What is the difference?

In compliance with regulations, it can be wound up and the data type is not limited. Paralism’s one-click winding function supports both structured and unstructured text forms, that is, as long as you want to go on the chain, you can go on the chain with no threshold. Since the parallel blockchain has no upper-layer chain resources, and the sub-chain can be dynamically sliced, it provides unlimited load-bearing capability for large-scale data uplink. Performance advantages make Paralism the front-line front of the current market, and the most breakthrough technology practice in the industry.

Simple and efficient proof of existence. Users choose not only to get a convenient and efficient primary experience in the chain, but also to solve many problems in daily life, such as “Who am I?”, “Certify my mom?”, “How to prove Are you passing through my world?” Anything that is a headache can be falsified by anyone, and the eternal value is engraved on the chain. Traditional blockchains such as Bitcoin and Ethereum mainly support transaction data. If non-transactional data wants to obtain proof of existence, a transaction must occur in the chain, which is quite troublesome. A major feature of Parallism’s parallel blockchain technology is the decoupling of data and transactions, so that non-transactional data can be recorded on the chain without going through chain transactions, thus gaining a unique existence in the digital world.

Protect the rights of value creators. In daily life, books are pirated, personal data is stolen, privacy content is leaked, and the Internet is fragmented in the information age. These things that are difficult to obtain evidence for and become a nightmare are everyone’s defenses. The one-click chain function of the parallel blockchain provides a channel for depositing certificates. It is stored in the form of content uploading, chain recording and witnessing the whole network. After the establishment of the “certified and desirable” ecosystem, the system will be further improved. Reduce the incidence of violations of equity.

Curing small value, the accumulation is less. Publishing on chain function is a streamlined and reasonable system. As the uplink data increases, the data or assets on the chain will generate new value-sharing bonds for sharing, for example, by user-controlled personal data authorization, reducing repetitive collection. Long-term storage of personal data costs and risks, protect users as a legitimate right of personal data, further, users can use their own data to actively establish a trading relationship, in essence, all the value created by a key will be assigned to users.

Act as a mechanism of trust. Whether it’s a business or an individual, you can get a traceable, non-tamperable, permanent value for your information through a one-click winding experience parallel chain. Paralism is pushing the application of blockchain. The current version of the uplink data can support copyright deposits, the medical industry, traceability industries and personal chain storage requirements. In terms of finance, it will continue to support supply chain finance, small and micro enterprise loans, and international payment and liquidation.

In short, you have ideas, or demand for publishing on chain , can be satisfied in the parallel blockchain Paralism , and now the chain will be the future of value interconnection.

Official Paralism Website: https://www.paralism.com/

Node Download Link: https://www.paralism.com/download/Paralism-Lite-0.5.0.zi