Issue a Chain On Paralism, Burning The Industry !



Introduction: With the popularity of blockchain technology, every business, every digital asset, and even everyone in the future may need chain.

The bitcoin era of the public chain was unknown, and when the value of Bitcoin was gradually recognized, the desire for the currency was fully ignited. However, the Ethereum ERC20 smart contract engine of the altcoin and cloning coins is full of money, and even in the era of “the public chain is king” after the big waves, the development of blockchain is still a dream. The public chain of the land is only a part of the separatist, inaction, the lack of performance, the sense of loneliness of the single chain, so that the public chain becomes self-sufficient.

With the blockchain policy orientation, the demand for business chain and asset uplink will increase. However, the current public chain cannot meet such commercial needs. Moreover, the development of a public chain is costly, requires a strong technical team and a large amount of funds, and cannot build the underlying public chain. However, for the one-button chain, the industry can see that the cosmos and other issues solve the cross-chain problem, but can not solve the problem of chain and chain sovereignty; the blockchain needs to support the backbone network of the chain, which means This public chain has a chain of resources that can be expanded infinitely.

Based on the parallel blockchain support, Paralism not only has a solid underlying architecture, but also accesses high-volume nodes in the future, ensuring that the consensus of the chain is fast and stable; its core parallel technology can allow any number of business assets to be chained, ie not Limited by the financial business field, supporting any form of hair chain request in the physical world, and the single chain can have extremely high performance, infinite scalability, cross-chain connectivity, and provide open source value network for decentralized interconnection interaction. Environment, and because Paralism can customize the consensus, the hair chain can be personalized according to the business, and is simple and convenient. It is recommended that you link the chain in this key to lock the future development of the blockchain in advance.

Paralism’s publishon chain functional beta, covering encryption numbers and industry landings, including Biz chain, token, and coin types, one-click help technicians who are keen on blockchain development, focusing on upper-layer applications Innovation and development; save time and expense for building customer-owned blockchains, build enterprise-level sub-chains, and quickly build blockchain networks; provide convenient tools for asset-winding, asset securitization, and certification. The Paralism system sets up a proprietary node proxy chain that allows you to have sub-chains without having to deploy nodes yourself; users can also download Paralism node software, run their own nodes, and all underlying support comes from the parallel chain system.

The unique parallel blockchain technology system adopts Buddy system-level algorithm, which responds quickly from local consensus to super-consensus, guarantees the speed of experience, and double-layer security encryption from sub-chain local consensus to super-block consensus. The chain results are the only ones that cannot be tampered with, safe and reliable. In response to different needs, Paralism provides users with an industry-wide consensus mechanism and customization options that allow customers to define their own chains. Parallel chain infinite sub-chain environment and sub-chain dynamic sharding function, chain expansion and coping with high concurrency and other resource allocation, to solve block congestion problems.

No need to build the bottom layer, the application can directly focus on the business development and operation after the chain. Paralism’s parallel blockchain data structure allows the entire system to allow uncapped single-chain coexistence, and allows single-chain unobstructed dynamic fragmentation, completely breaking through scalability and throughput bottlenecks, and providing custom consensus, underlying access control, etc. Features. Second, the built-in components in the node software also help customers manage, monitor, and view blockchains.

The value of liberty is recorded in the personal value chain, and the chain of ownership has its own chain sovereignty. The Paralism Unlimited Expansion Space provides a constant source of market resources for value storage. The value forms of the physical world can be stored in the chain for a long time, demonstrating the main role of value, and recording the eternal flow.

The configuration is simple and easy to operate. Only need to be equipped with basic bandwidth resources, customers can freely send the chain, the whole process is only a few minutes, Paralism has built a credible execution environment for customers, you only need to enjoy the innovation and benefits brought by the parallel chain, the participation threshold is low and the return is high.

Graphical interface chaining can be successful in just four steps. The chain-creator only needs to fill in the basic information, improve part of the configuration, and then release the blockchain that you need. This greatly improves the speed of chain-building. At the lowest cost, the user experience is also very good.

The code structure is simple and easier to maintain. By packaging and packaging the parallel chain infrastructure, Paralism forms a complete development framework. Customers can quickly build systems through API open structures, the code is not easy to couple, and the maintenance cost of the system is reduced.

In the future, it can be interconnected and directly decentralized. Paralism allows each single-chain custom consensus to run its business independently, while supporting a parallel architecture, supporting multiple books and multiple-chain coexistence, and providing a natural cross-chain interactive solution for future cross-chaining of digital and business assets Operational issues allow independent digital assets to be interoperable and generate a fully decentralized trading system.

Try to choose a new economy. The cost is low, the difficulty is small, and the enterprise transforms into a new export. For enterprises, it is possible to find the combination of business and blockchain through simple chain building, improve production efficiency, save costs, and accelerate the application of commercial applications in the blockchain, which is of great benefit to the enterprise itself and the industry.

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