Online Content Publishment Platform查看官网

Tongya online content publish system apply Hyperchain technology to UGC content copyright claim registration from online Baby care Q&A community users. This help the content author get paid by copyright traceable system and create the momentum for community content contribution. is one of the earliest communities which put parallel blockchain technology into real practice.

Completely free copyright witness

Copyright witness of 0 information leak

Application data onchain without mining

The transaction peak is over 1000tx/s

Jiu Wan You Yi

Game Creation and Props Trading Platform查看官网

A game Creation and Props trading platform. Applies Hyperchain to support game players to register their game property or creations copyright for trading. Game operator can also issue and operate a dedicated solo chain for Property trading and Customizing. This would help to remove brokers and save cost of Property trading across games or territory operators. Would open a new opportunity for game economy system expansion and creates new game experience of user created Properties.

Cross-game exchange of player rights

Game property Tokenized trading

Initial Customized Game property Offering

Blockchain copyright certificate for Game Property

Blockchain tiny casino game


e-commerce alliance platform查看官网

As an innovative business alliance that integrates many e-commerce platforms (app / web), Feimeng has a high demand for business flexibility, business interoperability and value exchange. With its high-performance multi-chain system, quick chain/token issuing, quick onchain publishing, full featured DAO and secure cross-chain functions, Hyperchain fully support the various business needs from Feimeng. Digital assets such as points and coupons can be issued and operated by Hyperchain to maximize the value of all parties and consumers on the platform.

Product info 1 click publish onchain and traceable

1 click issue application dedicated blockchain

1 click tokenizing enterprise property

DAO for EnterpriseAlliance

Flexible Service cover Public, consortium, and private chain scenario


Cosmetics Supply Chain United Platform查看官网

Mei Dian Space is a cosmetics supply chain united platform of OSM Group which deal with business scenarios of massive participants, complicated processes, and high trust costs in traditional way. Technologies such as multi-chain, multi-ledger, and smart contract templates of parallel blockchains are utilized to support various business scenarios and variable business requirements. It also help joint parties to capture business opportunities by invent new business models and then create a new cosmetics industry ecosystem.

Blockchain cosmetics traceability certificate

1-click product information publish on chain

1 click to tokenize property

Business interoperation with Multiple chain and multiple ledger

Cross-chain Traceability and validation


Internet Content Trading Platform查看官网

Serve for every small creator, "UYOO" apply Hyperchain capability of proof of existence to provide content creators a copyright claim registration, self pricing, real-time quantitative settlement, "one-stop" platform to meet the needs for efficient revenue generation under the fragmental creation wave of the Internet.

Free self-service blockchain copyright certificate

Segregated Witness Copyright

The peak tps 100,000+ tx/s

Real-time distributed ledger settlement by dynamic shards

Blockchain evidence solidification of Infringement

Smart contract bid inviting and settlement

DAO assisted Internet traffic exchange tool


Blockchain Social Network查看官网

LIANGPING is a two dimensional social tool which creatively combine hobbit and commercial scenario together with token economy. It applies Hyperchain dynamic sharding to handle massive user social key facts, token allocation and trading requests. Templates of full featured DAO and smart contract provide user basic operation tool for autonomous organization with capability of build connections and community business management.

Social is mining

Contribution tokenization

Autonomous community Cross-chain interconnection

DAO GroupTool


Billboard Tokenization and Trade Platform查看官网

UGO billboard tokenization and trade system is designed for billboard tokenization by Hyperchain quick token issue function to help billboard operator obtain new financial opportunity to grow business. It also improves the operation efficiency of billboards, reduces financing costs, and make more future benefits. Business development creates more opportunity for capital funds to reap the product of new token economy.

1 click tokenization of billboard benefit package

Billboard benefit guarantee by income settled on chain payment

Advertisement monitoring on-chain auditing and accounting

Smart contracts real-time bidding for Programmatically play


Parallel Block Economy Platform查看官网

With the support of parallel blockchains, Paralism aims to reshape the Internet and the digital economy by establishing a new value network between enterprises, assets, goods and data. With its patented parallel data consistency protocol and other protocols, it has successfully established a parallel blockchain infrastructure that can accommodate multiple single chains such as consortium chains and public chains at the same time, and supports various financial and non-financial zones. Blockchain business.

Inalienable digital assets for individuals

Stable coin market

Decentralized exchange

Rapid DAPP template

Full-featured DAO toolbox

Realizing the blockchain interconnection of value networks

Full business scenario coverage of public, consortium and private chain


The core team of the Hyperchain Technology is from the Chinese Academy of Sciences. It is the first and the most professional blockchain technology and product research and development team. Groundbreaking parallel blockchain technology of hyperchain breaks through key blockchains such as performance, scalability and capacity Technical breakthroughs. Only the comprehensive integration and support capabilities of public, consortium, and private chains can support the value transmission and storage capabilities of the Internet backbone network level. It is currently the only blockchain technology that can meet the requirements of enterprise development and industrial evolution. The founder of the blockchain technology system, Hyperchain Technology is currently the only international and domestic manufacturer that can provide you with parallel blockchain products, consulting and customizing overall solutions and services.

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  • China National High-tech Enterprise Recognition
  • 60% of employees own master degree and above
  • Enlisted in Top 100 China Blockchain Companies
  • "Top 100 China Blockchain Companies" by China Blockchain Ecological Alliance
  • Enlisted in "Top 10 Creative Companies of Blockchain Technology" by Blockdata Research Group and CCID Research
  • A Company Developing Blockchain Industry Standard
  • Written "the Standard of fundamental Technology Requirements for Blockchain Platforms" and "the Standard of Prerequisites to Blockchain Enterprises Service Capabilitiy" for CCID Research and the China Software Industry Association
  • Senior Fellow of Blockchain Industry Standard Expert Task Force
  • Senior Fellow of the Blockchain Standard Expert Group of CCID research and the China Software Enterprise Association
  • Task Force Member of IoT Blockchain Technology Standards of IGRS
  • Deputy Chairman of Board of Blockchain Ecology Alliance of China, found by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of China PRC (MIIT)
  • Member of the Expert committee of "Global Public Chain Technology Evaluation Index" Published by MIIT
  • Incubated High-tech company Recognition of Suzhou City
  • Leading Creative Startup Recognition of Suzhou City