Hyperchain CTO Delivers Speech of Smart Contract Technology in Enterprise Applications on College Education Summit

17th, April, Shanghai, the 2021 College Interdisciplinary Development Summit, directed by Shanghai Advanced Institute of Finance(SAIF), Block Chain Professional Committee of China Mobile Communications Association and the Alliance of Emerging Engineering Education for information technologies.Sponsored by Engineering Technical Research Center of Smart Finance of Shanghai, Shanghai Social Cost Research Society of Shanghai JiaoTong University, the Commission of Teaching Instruction of Vocational Universities and Colleges of Shanghai, has hold successfully joined by several hundreds of industrial professionals, scholars from universities and colleges. Ideas and experience of china blockchain professional training and faculty education are actively shared and discussed during the session.


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Mr.Shi on Chitec:”Wish more and more real business entities join into blockchain economy”

Sept 17th-20th 2020, the 23rd China Beijing International High-tech expo,joint hold by  Ministry of Science and Technology of China PRC,  National Intellectual Property Administration  of China PRC, China Council for the promotion of International trade and the people’s government of Beijing City, has hold successfully in Beijing. the Blockchain industry development forum  has invited various known Blockchain experts both domestic and abroad to have speeches and sessions. Hyperchain CEO, Mr Shi Xingguo has been invited as well and delivered his opinion regarding  how to integrate the real business factors into Blockchain enconomy.

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US Patent Granted for Hyperchain Parallel Consensus Algorithm

June 10th,Hyperchain has received another new patent allowance by USPTO. The granted patent covers Parallel Blockchain core Algorithm and had been granted by SIPO in July 2019. According to the report result of global patent search, the patent may be the first allowed claims in Parallel Blockchain technology category. Recent years, Blockchain patent applications keeps bursting, However, the granted numbers is few because that the examination period can be several years due to the high standard of invention patent. So far, all examined patents of Hyperchain got a 100% pass rate globally. It reveals the spirit of the Hyperchain team and our scrupulous for technical invention. Continue reading “US Patent Granted for Hyperchain Parallel Consensus Algorithm”

Hyperchain invited to attend Global Blockchain Value and Application Private Forum

22 May, 2020,  Global Blockchain Value and Application Private Forum hold in Bay area of Shanghai, and the Global Blockchain Value and Application research center has also openned together.

Hyperchain has been invited and attended the affair and Paralism, the parallel blockchain economy platform has been recommended by experts on the forum and enlisted in the Top Rank list of Global Blockchain Value and Applications.

Hyperchain CEO, Mr Shi, has  shared good experience in successful business cases of parallel blockchain and give several recommendation to the assessment KPIs on the forum.

the TOP Rank list would soon go public as informed.

News link: http://www.wenyaojiaoyu.com/yaowen/20200522/366.html

Hyperchain will deliver a not-for-profit Lecture of Parallel Blockchain and Distribution Enconomy supported by EDUchainX

March 4, 8 pm, Hyperchain will deliver a lecture of parallel Blockchan and distribution Economy supported by a not-for-profit Blockchain eduction platform inintiated by EduChainX. The lecture is a web video broadcast of a series of not-for-profit courses of which in response to the Blockchain education initiative rised by the National Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. In the video broadcast, Hyperchain CTO Chen Guangyu will give the audience a close scrutiny of the history of blockchain technology evolution and why parallel blockchain is the future, an indepth understanding of how doses the value are created in Blockchain and what are the key factors of a distribution economy, and finally, a group of industrial solution cases study will be also presented for open discussion. Continue reading “Hyperchain will deliver a not-for-profit Lecture of Parallel Blockchain and Distribution Enconomy supported by EDUchainX”

AI+Parallel Blockchain, Chinese Academy of Science and Hyperchain are working together now

Just after the Chinese new year holidays, Hyperchain and Chinese Academy of Science Guangzhou Branch (CASGB)has start the cooperation in AI+Blockchain technical research projects. The research are based on the Research Plan and Requirement of the National Fourteen-Five Plan, will deeply study in embed AI into Blockchain consensus algorithm and solve the problem of utilizing and optimizing AI computational resource in Blockchain concensus process with the help of parallel blockchain technology. Continue reading “AI+Parallel Blockchain, Chinese Academy of Science and Hyperchain are working together now”

Hyperchain Invited to Participate in The IoT Blockchain Standards Development and Startup Conference led by the IGRS Industry Alliance

December 12, Hyperchain was invited to participate in the IoT Blockchain Standards Development and Startup Conference led by the IGRS Industry Alliance in Beijing. There were also companies such as Lenovo, Konka, Xiaomi, and Midea. At the meeting, participating companies discussed the preliminary planning for the establishment of the Internet of Things blockchain standard. Hyperchain will actively participate in and submit standards as blockchain companies.

IGRS, as the most influential veteran-level industrialization technology standard-setting alliance, has domestic advantages in industry, education, research, and innovation resources and profound industry influence. It has 240+ alliance members, 1000+ alliance products, and 47+ independent electronic information International standards for product synergies and interconnections, while accelerating the pace of technological innovation and industrialization, have greatly enhanced the Chinese language power of our industry and economy on the international stage.

As an enterprise of the blockchain, especially the parallel chain, while deeply cultivating blockchain technology, it has also been actively participating in and advancing industry standard work in the blockchain field. Group, China Blockchain Ecology Alliance and China Software Association jointly promoted and released the world’s first public chain technology evaluation index. In the future, Hyperchain will continue to make positive contributions to the standardized and standardized development of the blockchain industry by virtue of its leading technology accumulation and in-depth observation in the industry.

Paralism Parallel Ecology Officially Launched -From Silicon Valley

From parallel architecture to patented algorithms, from the main network release to the ecological launch, from Seoul, South Korea to Silicon Valley, …Paralism deliberately escaped the “BIQUAN” and missed many seminars. This time, it has grown stronger and stronger. Parallel main network, leading parallel blockchain technology features, well-tooled platform and clear-cut ecological plan, for Silicon Valley, to the global blockchain industry and the entire technology industry, issued an ecological invitation.

On November 13-14, the team of HyperBlock Information Technology Corporation, with its digital economic platform Paralism supported by the parallel blockchain, attended the world’s largest blockchain in Santa Clara, the center of Silicon Valley. During the two-day conference, whether in front of the booth at Parallism in the venue, or before the speech of the Hyper chain CEO, the founder of Paralism, Shi Xingguo, or the semi-closed banquet of Parallism at the end of the conference, all ushered in Inquiries and exchanges from various participants and industry insiders, such as blockchain, IoT, and big data, in Silicon Valley and around the world.



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Paralism Ecology : Blockchain Industrialization Will Come In the Name of Parallel




As China and the world accelerate the development of blockchain technology, Paralism will also officially launch a parallel ecosystem, creating a new value network between companies, assets, goods and data, making the digital world as real as the physical world, thus further Reshape the Internet and the digital economy. This is another strategic step taken by the super blockchain technology to support the Paraalism main online line operation in less than one year. The first line of the system is the first coin-casting mining test network, issue a chain and publish on chain preview function. Web version of the product, and around the industry and the development of the exhibition industry to give customized blockchain + template.

As a global ecological start-up, Paralism will attend the world’s largest blockchain expo in Silicon Valley from November 13th to 14th next week, pushing the parallel chain technology benchmark of domestic blockchain to the international perspective and further exporting the parallel zone. The blockchain’s innovative changes in consensus agreements and data structures provide an inspiring driving force for China and the global blockchain, giving full play to the characteristics and advantages of Paralism in commercialization, and shaping the industry more positively. Environment and atmosphere. This move will be an important starting point for the launch of Paralism and a new starting point for China’s “blockchain creation” to enter the international arena.

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Issue a Chain On Paralism, Burning The Industry !



Introduction: With the popularity of blockchain technology, every business, every digital asset, and even everyone in the future may need chain.

The bitcoin era of the public chain was unknown, and when the value of Bitcoin was gradually recognized, the desire for the currency was fully ignited. However, the Ethereum ERC20 smart contract engine of the altcoin and cloning coins is full of money, and even in the era of “the public chain is king” after the big waves, the development of blockchain is still a dream. The public chain of the land is only a part of the separatist, inaction, the lack of performance, the sense of loneliness of the single chain, so that the public chain becomes self-sufficient.

With the blockchain policy orientation, the demand for business chain and asset uplink will increase. However, the current public chain cannot meet such commercial needs. Moreover, the development of a public chain is costly, requires a strong technical team and a large amount of funds, and cannot build the underlying public chain. However, for the one-button chain, the industry can see that the cosmos and other issues solve the cross-chain problem, but can not solve the problem of chain and chain sovereignty; the blockchain needs to support the backbone network of the chain, which means This public chain has a chain of resources that can be expanded infinitely.

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