We see that the Internet of Value is the next phase of the Internet from a point of view of digital resources convergence and consume.Looking back to the Internet history, we have experiened four phases of it:

Computer Network Phase One

Computer Network

Create fast way of information exchange between computers;

The key technique is the TCP/IP protocol.

World Wide Web Phase Two

World Wide Web

Enable us explore global information via URL links;

Thanks to Hypertext Markup Language.

Social Network Phase Three

Social Network

Change the way of we share information with others;

Mobile Internet paves the way.

The Internet of Value Phase Four

The Internet of Value

A Ownership Layer would protect Informa-tion value inheritance and consumption;

Blockchain tchnology would lay the base of this future.

The Internet of Value

In the Phase Four, the value or credit of most resouces on the Internet would be able to be quantified and measured. This would catalyze the process of information and value transferring,further ignite resource convergence by value. More automated business or manufactoring process would build up, Excessive marketing and spamming suppress actively and effectively, Online privacy protected under safer security context. Unquestionably, various new applications or interaction models would thrive and change our daily life in a not far future.

How Does Hyperchain Lead the Internet of Value:

Parallel blockchain technology allows any asset to be registered on-chain

Its performance allows the on-chain asset to circulate highly efficiently

Cross-chain transaction solution connect different assets among the chains

The Stepping Stone for the Internet of Value
——Paralism,The digital economic platform powered by parallel blockchain

With parallel blockchain technology, Paralism allows users to publish their assets on blockchain in a DIY manner propelling the asset digitization process. Meanwhile, Paralism embraces any party with stable financial resources to operate stable coin on the platform to bridge the on-chain and off-chain assets. Facilitated by its built-in cross-chain solution, assets on Paralism can transact and exchange with no friction. Paralism really fulfill the vision to carry value in the digital container and to connect value of humankind.

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