Hyperchain team comes from the Chinese Academy of Sciences. It is the most early and professional Blockchain R&D team in Mainland China. Parallel Blockchain technology invented by Hyperchain breaks through in key factors of performance, scalability and capacity of Blockchain. The Parallel Block chain is the only Technology capable of cover all business scenarios of public, consortium, and private chains. It can support value transfer and storage on the Internet at a performance level of backbone network and also the only Blockchain technology that can meet the requirements of commercial application. As the inventor of Parallel Blockchain technology, Hyperchain team is nowadays the only integrated solution and service provider of Parallel Blockchain products in mainland China domestic and abroad.

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  • China National High-tech Enterprise Recognition
  • 60% of employees own master degree and above
  • Enlisted in Top 100 China Blockchain Companies
  • "Top 100 China Blockchain Companies" by China Blockchain Ecological Alliance
  • Enlisted in "Top 10 Creative Companies of Blockchain Technology" by Blockdata Research Group and CCID Research
  • A Company Developing Blockchain Industry Standard
  • Written "the Standard of fundamental Technology Requirements for Blockchain Platforms" and "the Standard of Prerequisites to Blockchain Enterprises Service Capabilitiy" for CCID Research and the China Software Industry Association
  • Senior Fellow of Blockchain Industry Standard Expert Task Force
  • Senior Fellow of the Blockchain Standard Expert Group of CCID research and the China Software Enterprise Association
  • Task Force Member of IoT Blockchain Technology Standards of IGRS
  • Deputy Chairman of Board of Blockchain Ecology Alliance of China, found by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of China PRC (MIIT)
  • Member of the Expert committee of "Global Public Chain Technology Evaluation Index" Published by MIIT
  • Incubated High-tech company Recognition of Suzhou City
  • Leading Creative Startup Recognition of Suzhou City