Hyperchain Objectives

Build the true blockchain

Build the true blockchain
Ensure decentralization, the equal status of nodes and forward dependent data relationship of blockchain

Establish the large commercial scale of blockchain infrastructure

Establish the large commercial scale of blockchain infrastructure
Solve the problem of scalability, interoperability and decentralization of blockchain all at once with parallel technology

Start the era of internet of value with technology innovation

Start the era of internet of value with technology innovation
Construct new commerce, new economy and new finance based on parallel blockchain

Hyperchain Milestones

Identified sequential data structure as the core problem for blockchain —— Invented parallel blockchain data structure and the compatible algorithm —— Designed and realized dynamic sharding —— Completed built —— in cross —— chain interaction solution —— Started the development of products and tools —— Found the platform powered by Hyperchain


Asset Self-registry open sourced distributed ledger

Mobile terminal of parallel blockchain network

Dynamic sharding mechanism

Rapid virtual machine

Cross-chain engine Beta

Self-defining consensus plugins

Coin forging tools with one-click


Published blockchain industrial standard

Released the internet content registration engine 1.0

Acquired the patent for parallel blockchain algorithm

Cross-chain engine Alpha


Released Hyperchain Whitepaper

Released the protocol and protocol stack

Finished the construction of basic network


Released the core parallel data structure

Completed the research and development of basic buddy algorithm

Finished the construction of basic framework

Hyperchain Applications

Enterprise private chain Electronic ticketing Track and trace Supply finance International trading Smart asset exchange system
Instant deployment tools Data on-chain tool Industrial templates Digital asset publish tools Stable coin template Organization tokenization tools
Basic network Buddy Consensus Cross-chain engine Distributed ledger Dynamic Sharding Virtual machine Smart contract

Hyperchain is a brand new cutting edge technology of Internet protocol. The development plan of Hyperchain follow the values and principles of the Internet society. We will bring out specifications of the white paper, protocol, and API reference soon and gradually publish open source projects, such as Hyperchain Protocol stack, Core Network, Chain Browser, etc on GitHub as the shown schedule.

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