Technical White Paper of Hyperchain

Version 0.3  2019.1.21


Hyperchain is a brand new Blockchain technology designed to achieve higher performance and data compatibility. It enhances the limitation of Blockchain, namely, low efficiency in generating blocks, serious consumption of computing power and transaction-oriented[1][2]. Although Blockchain technology has been widely accepted as the next generation of Internet infrastructure, these flaws are still the major obstacles for this technology to become world-wide.The goal of Hyperchain is to remove these stumbling blocks in the way. We propose the CAP time-segment consistency in the distributed system and a new algorithm called Buddy Consensus algorithm based on this theory. This algorithm offers three entirely new features: parallel block generating, disposing of discrete data and running virtual chain. Other secondary features, like built-in cross-chain interoperation and customizable consensus can be directly invoked from application layer. All of these features greatly widen the application scope of Blockchain. Hyperchain also can support all common features provided by existing Blockchain, such as transaction, smart contract but it will be more efficient. Continue reading “Technical White Paper of Hyperchain”