Paralism Attends the top Chinese IT Summit Illustrating the Digital Future Linked with Parallel Blockchain

“Blockchain, and only blockchain can extend the boundaries of IT industry” — in the 2019 China IT Summit last weekend in Shenzhen, the city headquarter with the most Chinese IT companies such as Tencent and Huawei, the founder of Paralism and , Shi Xingguo attended the summit.

Paralism is powered by the parallel blockchain technology invented by Hyperchain.

Paralism/Hyperchain, with its core parallel blockchain technology being the key doorway to scale and develop blockchain, earned recognition from the top-notch event and was invited as the only company focusing on the blockchain infrastructure. Paralism is powered by the parallel blockchain technology invented by Hyperchain.

At the summit, Shi spoke at one of the forum with the theme of “How Fintech innovation can rejuvenate our times” joined by other speakers from the credit checking, anti fraud, smart medicine retail and mobile pay industries.

The Chinese IT Summit is dubbed as the “Top Dialogue among Chinese Internet Titans” and the industry benchmark attracting participants such as founders of BAT (Baidu, Alibaba and Tecent), former manager of IMF (International Monetary Fund) Min Zhu , the executive manager of Hongkong exchange Xiaojia, Li, etc.

Despite that the summit didn’t set up any session specifically about blockchain, it is no lack of industrial opinions about the this next-web-to-be technology. There’s no denial that in order to foster a future with infinite amount of data and to connect new tech like AI, IoT, M2M trading, etc. Blockchain cannot be absent. Shi pointed out that the changes technology bring to industry come in two ways: to change its connotations or extensions. Technologies such as AI, are transforming industries within the original framework, ie. changing the connotations. However, in order to incite new economic revolutions and to extend boundaries of current industries, blockchain is vital.