HyperChain Wins the “HYPERCHAIN” Trademark Arbitration over Qu Lian

Recently, Hyperchain received a decision from the Intellectual Property Office regarding the final grant of the HYPERCHAIN trademark to Suzhou Hyperchain Information Technology Co., Ltd.

The decision pointed out that between Qu Lian, the opposer and Hyperchain, the opposed party , the trademarks are designated and approved to both parties in different categories with different services and products, and therefore will not confuse the users.

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The Digital Economy Platform- Paralism “Publish a Chain” Function Officially Released

“Who am I?”, “How do you prove that my mother?”, “How do you prove that you are passing through my world?” … The most difficult thing to prove in the world is maybe existence.

By engraving the symbols on the stone walls, the uncorrectable distributed technology of blockchains can also provide proof of existence for modern humans, but much faster than our ancestors. Traditional blockchains such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc., mainly support transaction data. If non-transactional data wants to obtain proof of existence, a transaction must occur in the chain, which is quite a hassle. Parallel blockchain technology is characterized by the data and transaction solution itself, through non-transactional data, can be recorded on the chain without chain transactions, then gaining the unique existence in the digital world. Based on this technology, Paralism officially launched publish a chain function on a platform supported by the parallel blockchain main network.

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How To Issue a Chain on Parallism


Internet promotes SMS to WeChat business innovation, greatly improved the speed of information transfer, let the world become more closely. Value interconnection transition phase, from classic bitcoin to Ethereum’s smart contract, it triggered a token prosperity,make the digital value have a broad and multi-element mobility.

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