Paralism Parallel Ecology Officially Launched -From Silicon Valley

From parallel architecture to patented algorithms, from the main network release to the ecological launch, from Seoul, South Korea to Silicon Valley, …Paralism deliberately escaped the “BIQUAN” and missed many seminars. This time, it has grown stronger and stronger. Parallel main network, leading parallel blockchain technology features, well-tooled platform and clear-cut ecological plan, for Silicon Valley, to the global blockchain industry and the entire technology industry, issued an ecological invitation.

On November 13-14, the team of HyperBlock Information Technology Corporation, with its digital economic platform Paralism supported by the parallel blockchain, attended the world’s largest blockchain in Santa Clara, the center of Silicon Valley. Continue reading “Paralism Parallel Ecology Officially Launched -From Silicon Valley”

Paralism Ecology : Blockchain Industrialization Will Come in the Name of Parallel



As China and the world accelerate the development of blockchain technology, Paralism will also officially launch a parallel ecosystem, creating a new value network between companies, assets, goods and data, making the digital world as real as the physical world, thus further reshape the Internet and the digital economy. Supporting Paralism’s main net launching  is another strategic step taken by  Hyperchain technology in less than one year.

The first functions of the system are web preview version of the mining test network(for first coin-mining), issue a chain and publish on chain. And also provide customized blockchain + template based on the industry and the development stages.

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Issue a Chain On Paralism, Burning The Industry !



Introduction: With the popularity of blockchain technology, every business, every digital asset, and even everyone in the future may need chain.

The bitcoin era of the public chain was unknown, and when the value of Bitcoin was gradually recognized, the desire for the currency was fully ignited. However, the Ethereum ERC20 smart contract engine of the altcoin and cloning coins is full of money, and even in the era of “the public chain is king” after the big waves, the development of blockchain is still a dream. The public chain of the land is only a part of the separatist, inaction, the lack of performance, the sense of loneliness of the single chain, so that the public chain becomes self-sufficient.

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Why Do We Choose to Publish On Chain On Paralism ?


Blockchain can become the core technology advocated, and it cannot be separated from its tamper-proof, distributed storage, and credibility. This also gives the blockchain a chance to witness the deposit, traceability and copyright and business trust. Through the record of information, data and resources, and then fully mobilize the advantages of distributed computing power and distributed network, the digitalization of trust in the chain business is a task that the future blockchain must carry.

At present, the blockchain development is turbulent, and the market nerves jump up and down with the rise and fall of the encrypted digital currency, and the blockchain potential is severely limited. Blockchain needs to be experienced by more people, thus better communicating the feasibility of blockchain in other areas. Continue reading “Why Do We Choose to Publish On Chain On Paralism ?”

How Can Paralism’s Node Improve Local Connectivity to Better Mine


Since the release the last announcement about mining , the community has learned more about the main mining of Paralism, but there is still some problem incomprehension in the increase or even clearing of the mining .

The reason of the community main network routines will encounter the Para is reduced or even cleared. There are two main reasons:

  1. The main network of mining groundwater software is not accurate.
  2. Still a single network and connectivity is poor

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Co-inventor of the Internet Talks Disappointment about Internet and Hope for Parallel Blockchain

On November 14th, parallel blockchain pioneer Paralism will soon go to the United States to attend the global blockchain expo in Silicon Valley. What changes will the parallel blockchain bring to the entire industry? Previously, the inventor of the TCP/IP protocol, Robert.E. Kahn,  will talk with founder Shi Xingguo.

Turing Award winner Robert.E. Kahn is the inventor of the TCP/IP protocol. In October 1972, he first demonstrated to the world the ARPAnet network of 40 hosts connected. This is what we know about the Internet, now on the Internet. With billions of equipment connected to support the trillion-dollar industry, Robert.E. Kahn has been hailed as the father of the Internet.

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Smart! Parallel Hyperblock Protocol Recognized by John (Milburn EOS Engineering Specialist)


“This idea is very smart,” John Milburn said , EOS Engineering Principal, during a discussion with Paralism founder Shi Xingguo on the underlying technology of Paralism.

When Paralism launched the parallel blockchain main network architecture in South Korea at the beginning of the year, the two sides conducted technical discussions on issues such as scalability issues and commercialization of the current blockchain development, and reached a high level in parallel architecture and hyperblock protocols consensus.

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Para: The Incentive and Liquidity of Paralism Eco-system


The Basic Facts:

The block rate is 15 times that of Bitcoin. There are 100 blocks every hour. The Paralism Parallel Chain System is based on the first single coin of the first single chain. It is the system-level fuel, value exchange intermediary standard of the Parallism parallel blockchain and the main distribution tools.

For coin , unlike the ERC20, is cast with the original consensus algorithm PoB (Proof of Buddy), which has the same stability as Bitcoin, but is much less energy-efficient than Bitcoin. Paralism’s unique Buddy consensus algorithm is the core consensus algorithm of the parallel blockchain system. Continue reading “Para: The Incentive and Liquidity of Paralism Eco-system”

Paralism Mining FAQ

After the public network of Paralism was launched , we received a lot of positive response from community nodes and other external nodes. The download volume of node software reached a small peak in the evening and the next morning . Due to the great changes in the software testing environment and the network connectivity of some sub-community nodes, some questions  and problems have arisen. Here we will explain 4 main questions.

  1. Node software link cannot be opened or cannot be downloaded
  2. Para balance fluctuations or reduction
  3. Node software stop mining
  4. Cannot quit calibration mode

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Co-Founder of Bitcoin Foundation: Paralism Has the Underlying Technology for Blockchain Businesses



Peter Vessenes, co-founder of the Bitcoin Foundation, also one of the largest holders of Bitcoin in the world, the largest creditor of Mt.Gox; the special consultant of the US Department of Homeland Security, Coinlab, Capital 6 and New Alchemy Founder of many top blockchain companies. Peter Vessenes visited the relevant blockchain project as a founder of Capital 6, and during his one-week stay, he took the initiative to visit the office of Paralism’s parallel technology R&D team, hyperblock Technology Information Co., Ltd. And carried out a meticulous communication for three hours.

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