Review: the KPMG Block Chain Industry Report 2017

Recently, the KPMG has just published a Block Chain industrial investigation report:CONSENSUS-immutable agreement for the internet of value. We see it is the best report which summarize published consensus algorithms so far. Although the algorithm categorizing still need to be more clear or specific, and the topic are limited to ledgers, the report looks good to discuss on consensus of ledgers under the status quo of Block Chain Industry which has been drowning in madness of alter coins and ledgers .

When comes to Block Chain technology unique attributes,  we believe that crypto-currencies or ledgers are applications of Block Chain. On the contrary, consensus is the most important and unique feature of Block Chain. In a not far future, the technology roadmap should split from crypto-currenices or ledgers, then redirect to focus researches on isomeric data compatible architecture and new consensus algorithms. Factors of performance, decentralized model, security and user scenarios of an consensus together decide its future in the industry and the industry future too.

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