The Perfect Built-in Cross-chain solution of Paralism

During the implementation of cross-chain process, various terms such as notary mechanism, sidechain/relay, and hash locking have been proposed, but none have effectively combined efficiency and security. However, the parallel advantages of the Paralism data structure provide a natural interaction possibility for chain cross. The hyperblock structure can highly guarantee global consensus and consistency within the system. Paralism effectively avoids the poor traceability, high risk of intermediary bridging chains, protocol inefficiency and slow interaction in the cross-chain process. It is naturally efficient and feasible. Continue reading “The Perfect Built-in Cross-chain solution of Paralism”

Hyperchain Technology and the first pilot project UYOO has won the award of  entrepreneurial leading project of SIPAC

In the recently concluded Suzhou government entrepreneurial leading project support program, Hyperchain went through multiple rounds of selection and evaluation, finally won entrepreneurial leading policies and financial support from the government and experts. This achievement demonstrates our company’s competitiveness and will establish a solid foundation for our future long-term development.


Review: the KPMG Block Chain Industry Report 2017

Recently, the KPMG has just published a Block Chain industrial investigation report:CONSENSUS-immutable agreement for the internet of value. We see it is the best report which summarize published consensus algorithms so far. Although the algorithm categorizing still need to be more clear or specific, and the topic are limited to ledgers, the report looks good to discuss on consensus of ledgers under the status quo of Block Chain Industry which has been drowning in madness of alter coins and ledgers . Continue reading “Review: the KPMG Block Chain Industry Report 2017”