Paralism Parallel Ecology Officially Launched -From Silicon Valley

From parallel architecture to patented algorithms, from the main network release to the ecological launch, from Seoul, South Korea to Silicon Valley, …Paralism deliberately escaped the “BIQUAN” and missed many seminars. This time, it has grown stronger and stronger. Parallel main network, leading parallel blockchain technology features, well-tooled platform and clear-cut ecological plan, for Silicon Valley, to the global blockchain industry and the entire technology industry, issued an ecological invitation.

On November 13-14, the team of HyperBlock Information Technology Corporation, with its digital economic platform Paralism supported by the parallel blockchain, attended the world’s largest blockchain in Santa Clara, the center of Silicon Valley. During the two-day conference, whether in front of the booth at Parallism in the venue, or before the speech of the Hyper chain CEO, the founder of Paralism, Shi Xingguo, or the semi-closed banquet of Parallism at the end of the conference, all ushered in Inquiries and exchanges from various participants and industry insiders, such as blockchain, IoT, and big data, in Silicon Valley and around the world.



Although the blockchain technology has been in existence for more than a decade since Bitcoin began, the public chain has experienced an iteration from 1.0 to 2.0 to 3.0… faster than the Internet speed. The currency circle has also experienced dozens of bears. And many DApps have also completed several life cycles. From Silicon Valley, it can be seen that the entire blockchain industry still lacks the underlying infrastructure that can support enterprise-level blockchain solutions and various blockchain innovations. As a parallel blockchain, Paralism can expand the capacity infinitely and realize the upgraded blockchain infrastructure of each chain. It still attracts great attention in Silicon Valley.




In the Silicon Valley of science and technology innovation, technology innovation has obviously developed into a very mature industry. For all types of startups, such as venture capital, FA, training camp and incubator, the blockchain industry is no exception. Henry Liu, co-founder of YGC, the world’s first blockchain private equity fund, mentioned that in addition to cultivating projects that provide enterprise blockchain solutions for the Fortune 500, they have also incubated a large number of innovative products and projects. And the product needs a strong “Network”, and he also believes that a blockchain network can only reflect its value through a large number of applications and the above products. Knowing that the Parallism parallel blockchain platform can provide wireless scalability, cross-chain connectivity and full flexibility, and now the main network is negotiating with related hardware parties, ready to access two million nodes, Henry said to Paralism Congratulations and expressed the possibility to further collaborate with Paralism’s underlying network to provide infrastructure for the various innovative projects it incubates.


Whether in the United States or in China, blockchain enterprise-level solutions are gradually becoming the business of major technology giants and even startup companies. Indeed, blockchains can play a huge role in paralleling information, building trust mechanisms and new collaborative mechanisms for traditional businesses before moving to the value of the new digital economy. Paralism, as a high-level platform that can accommodate both the public and the alliance chains, can also make a difference in the enterprise blockchain. At this conference, Paralism also had in-depth exchanges with IBM, Oracle, HyperLedger and other exhibitors. Hyperledger mentioned that in its ecosystem, it also needs to gradually integrate into the bottom of the public chain to enrich the solutions provided to its customers. For example, Hyperledger and EEA have recently reached a cooperation, and it is very likely to have such a relationship with Paralism. Leading parallel technology’s underlying chain platform for ecological cooperation.



At the scene of the speech by Paragonism founder Shi Xingguo, there were many government officials from different countries, including the US Department of Defense personnel and the head of the Canadian National Research Center. At the Paralism Ecology Launch Closed Reception, Charles Plamondon of the Canadian National Research Center said with excitement after listening to Paralism’s detailed underlying architecture and upper-level ecological plan. “I think the blockchain is borderless. A new technology, we should break the political issues of various countries and form a true cooperation. At the National Research Center of Canada, there are many scientific and technological experiments that can be combined with the blockchain. They can cooperate with parallel blockchain platforms like Paralism.”



“Inde” is also a very strong presence in Silicon Valley, whether it is an independent project party, an independent developer, an independent designer… These Inde use their own power to pursue unique feelings, although at the beginning The stage seems to be small, but there are often opportunities to create real innovation and subversion. At the Paralism reception, there was an independent project from the Republic of Ghana in Africa. He talked about the serious corruption in Ghana’s election and hoped to use the blockchain to change the phenomenon of voter tampering. He admits that as an independent project person, it is very difficult to do such a thing. He hopes that he can use his mature technology to develop on the powerful underlying platform of Paralism and lay a good foundation for his project.


Although Paralism’s Silicon Valley Bank is the main purpose of opening up ecological and aggregating ecological resources, Paralism, which is a real next-generation blockchain infrastructure, is still subject to Quantum Capital, as a parallel upgrade in the traditional blockchain. Gaudium Capital, Unity, and Silicon Valley’s famous Start-up judge and influence investor Vince Kohli’s strong concern, Vince also further talked about the Paralism founding team on the third day of the conference.



Although the blockchain seems to have entered the “second half”, from technology research and development to application development, the fact is that the problems left in the first half have not been fundamentally resolved, making the second half of the blockchain slow to start; although expanding , cross-chain connectivity, etc. are already common issues in the blockchain, but they are also unresolved issues. The attention of Paralism in Silicon Valley has, to some extent, illustrated the industry’s great hope for parallel blockchain technology, or the key to the opening of the blockchain in the second half.


Paralism’s parallel blockchain technology jumped out of the original blockchain and only wanted to improve the performance of the blockchain from the protocol layer. Fundamentally, the blockchain data structure was upgraded, and it was only one block by piece. The blockchain has become a parallel blockchain system with “multiple lanes”. The research and development started by the Paralism team four years ago has achieved almost all the key patent layouts in the parallel blockchain field; the main network released at the beginning of the year delivered a bitcoin speed 30 times faster when running the sub-chain. But more importantly, the Paralism main network can currently support 50 sub-chains running at the same time, which is equivalent to raising the overall TPS to 1500 times that of Bitcoin. Paralism can realize the dynamic fragmentation that Ethereum 2.0 is committed to under the parallel blockchain architecture. And the built-in cross-chain interconnection mechanism under the parallel architecture satisfies the requirements of multi-service, multi-scenario, and multi-class data interaction. Whether in terms of performance, scalability, connectivity, flexibility, or compatibility with the business, Paralism is superior to the traditional blockchain. This is why Paralism can be based in Silicon Valley to attract resources, and it is also the basis for Paralism to truly carry the value of the connected ecology.



The evaluation of Paralism by the Gaudium Fund, a well-known blockchain investment fund in the Bay Area, is not limited to its technology. It also includes Paralism’s clear plan for its ecological structure and the basic work that has been implemented. Alvaro, founder of the Gaudium Fund, said that many blockchains that claim to be ecological do not know where to start.

Paralism currently divides the ecosystem vertically into the underlying main network, protocol layer, platform tool layer and application business layer, and has done a lot of basic work in each layer of vertical:

At the main network level, Paralism has used Para as the first application to open mining and access external nodes to grow its network. And it is actively communicating with the domestic intelligent gateway production team. It is expected to access two million and strong connectivity nodes next year, and currently there are only 10,000 nodes in the Bitcoin network. At that time, Paralism is expected to become the main block network with the most nodes.

At the protocol level, Paralism parallel blockchain technology has been developed into a superblock chain. After four years of research and development, the core development of data set consistency and parallel consensus has been completed, and a large number of stability tests have been carried out. Smoothly support the operation of the main network.

At the Paralism platform level, Paralism has launched a basic issue a chain and publish on chain function, and is preparing a variety of development tools and templates such as chain change templates, stable coins, DAO, decentralized exchanges, etc. Access to a wide range of business and digital assets and enable the independent operation and interconnection of digital and real-world assets, digital assets and real-world businesses, as well as assets and services on the chain.

At the business level, Paralism has designed programs in various industries such as content copyright, social media, digital advertising, games, and decentralized finance, and has already cooperated with some partners in code-level cooperation.



As the chairman of the Silicon Valley Innovation Center at this conference, Bee.L.Jones, mentioned in Paralism, Paralism solves a very core issue – business independence and interconnection. And only Paralism, such a platform with leading parallel blockchain technology, comprehensive ecological architecture capabilities, and multi-party resource aggregation capabilities, can truly realize the independence and interconnection of business, assets and individuals in the new digital economy.

Paralism will use Silicon Valley as a starting point to accelerate the pace of ecological construction, and welcome relevant technical personnel, application developers, and companies seeking blockchain solutions to join the ecology. For more information, please contact the Paralism team at or