Hyperchain joined the Chain RE·ACTION (II) Summit Technology Forum, Discussing the Future Blockchain Talent Development Plan

On June 20, 2018, the China Center for Information Industry Development(CCID), together with several other institutions, held the Chain Reaction (II) Technology Forum at the Shanghai Science Hall. Mr. Shi Xingguo, the founder of Hyperchain, was invited to give a keynote speech on one of the forum’s topics, “China’s Future Blockchain Talent Development Plan.”

Shi Xingguo stated that the blockchain industry is still in its early stages of development, and the lack of talent is a pressing issue the industry facing, as the training system has not yet formed. The blockchain talent development plan launched this time has comprehensive and extensive courses, making it a sustainable plan which is worthy looking forward to.

Regarding the strategic layout of blockchain talent development, Shi Xingguo believes that blockchain has brought unprecedented changes to computing technology and networks. New ideas are the driving force behind the development of this industry. Sticking to old rules and simple imitation has no future. Only by improving the skills of practitioners, initiating innovative thinking, establishing an active community space, and providing a continuous stream of new talents to the blockchain ecology can the true meaning of the future talent development plan be realized.

Shi Xingguo is optimistic about the future prospects of blockchain talent development and believes that there is enormous room for growth in domestic blockchain talent cultivation. Especially with the support of numerous professionals focusing on the basic technology, the “Huangpu Military Academy” of blockchain talent cultivation will be sure to suceed in due time.

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