Hyperchain launch new Social Finance Tool “DAOGram” and open sales of cards collection of the Tiger Year

Hyperchain launch new Social Finance Tool “DAOGram” on the day of Chinese lunar new year and open sales of cards collection of the Tiger Year. With DAOGram everyone is able to create or join an social network to promote goods or NFTs then get commission as they were bought. Continue reading “Hyperchain launch new Social Finance Tool “DAOGram” and open sales of cards collection of the Tiger Year”

Mr.Shi on Chitec:”Wish more and more real business entities join into blockchain economy”

Sept 17th-20th 2020, the 23rd China Beijing International High-tech expo,joint hold by  Ministry of Science and Technology of China PRC,  National Intellectual Property Administration  of China PRC, China Council for the promotion of International trade and the people’s government of Beijing City, has hold successfully in Beijing. the Blockchain industry development forum  has invited various known Blockchain experts both domestic and abroad to have speeches and sessions. Hyperchain CEO, Mr Shi Xingguo has been invited as well and delivered his opinion regarding  how to integrate the real business factors into Blockchain enconomy.

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Paralism Public Beta Network officially Opens Mining to the External Node



As the first step in the construction of Paralism, the open beta network of the Paralism parallel blockchain will be officially opened to external nodes. Users can download the Paralism node software to run the Paralism main network node and get the Para as award.

Paralism has been researching and developing of parallel blockchain core protocols and algorithms since the hyperchain team released the hyperchain protocol four years ago. In 2018, the main network and the version of the main network were officially released in Korea in early 2019. Paralism, the technology’s digital economic platform, and began joint development with multiple code-level partners on the main network. With Paralism parallel blockchain technology and the accumulation of development experience, Paralism ushered in the starting point of ecological construction, and based on Paralism’s own sub-chain, develop Para to stimulate the ecology.

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TCP/IP Co-inventor、How Turing Award Winners Think of Paralism



Internet development has experienced protocol interconnection, content interconnection, and interpersonal interconnection. However, the development of blockchain technology makes the Internet expected to enter the fourth stage – value interconnection. As early as the internal testing phase of Paralism, Paralism founder, Hyperchain Parallel blockchain technique inventors Xingguo Shi with TCP/IP co-inventor Robert. E. Kahn, Known as the “father of the internet”, conducted in-depth discussion about the impact of blockchain on the development of the internet at a conference. Robert believes that to become a key agreement for the next generation of value Internet, must be completely decentralized, and achieve the interconnection between the various chains, otherwise, the current blockchain can only become an isolated island, it cannot be extended to a global value Internet. Robert believes Paralism and the parallel blockchain chosen by the Hyperchain team very promising to become the “TCP / IP” of the fourth generation of value Internet.

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The Digital Economy Platform- Paralism “Publish a Chain” Function Officially Released


“Who am I?”, “How do you prove that my mother?”, “How do you prove that you are passing through my world?” … The most difficult thing to prove in the world is maybe existence. By engraving the symbols on the stone walls, the uncorrectable distributed technology of blockchains can also provide proof of existence for modern humans, but much faster than our ancestors. Traditional blockchains such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc., mainly support transaction data. If non-transactional data wants to obtain proof of existence, a transaction must occur in the chain, which is quite a hassle. Parallel parallel blockchain technology is characterized by the data and transaction solution itself, through non-transactional data, can be recorded on the chain without chain transactions, then gaining the unique existence in the digital world.Based on this technology, Paralism officially launched publish a chain function on a platform supported by the parallel blockchain main network.

No matter it’s a business or an individual, you can get uncorrectable, permanent value for your information through publish a chain . Paralism is pushing the application of blockchain. The existing version of the data can support copyright deposits, medical industry, traceability industry and personal chain storage requirements.

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How To Issue a Chain on Parallism


Internet promotes SMS to WeChat business innovation, greatly improved the speed of information transfer, let the world become more closely. Value interconnection transition phase, from classic bitcoin to Ethereum’s smart contract, it triggered a token prosperity,let the digital value have a broad and multi-element mobility, it can be said that technology is magical, it brings a revolutionary change beyond imagination, from the serial chain to the parallel blockchain system, from the six main scenes to the chain experience, the upgrade of Paralism has been moving forward, the latest project progress has announced a major breakthrough in the industry.

The trial edition of Paralism’s issue a chain function, covering encrypted numbers and industry implementation and other on chain attempts, Including Biz chain, token, coin three types, one-click help technicians who are passionate about blockchain development, focus on innovation and development of upper-level applications; save time and money for building your own blockchain for corporate customers, casting enterprise-level sub-chain, quickly build a blockchain network; provide convenient tools to on chain assets, asset Securitization, certificate certification and many other needs, paralism system sets up a proprietary node proxy chain can help you deploy nodes, then you can have a sub-chain; users can also download the Paralism node software, run your own node, all underlying support comes from the parallel chain system.

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