Hyperchain Whitepaper


Hyperchain is a brand new Blockchain Technology with higher performance and hybrid data compliance. So far, there are several well-known problems of Blockchain techniques, such as low efficient in generating blocks, black-hole of computation power[i][ii] and application bind to transaction-oriented Architecture. Although Blockchain technology has been widely accepted as the next generation infrastructure of the Internet, these flaws still are the major obstacle for the technology to become a world-wide network protocol.  The goal of Hyperchain is to remove these stumbling blocks in the way and create a unified ownership layer of the Internet. We propose a new method to provide time-slicing CAP consistency of distributed system and we design a new algorithm called Buddy Consensus based on this theory. Three new primary technical features are brought in – a parallel architecture of block generating, the hybrid data compliance, and a chain-in-chain virtualization context. Some other secondary features, like a built-in cross-chain interoperation environment, a customizable consensus mechanism, and so on, are created and can be directly invoked from the application layer. These features widen the application scope of Blockchain much more and open a more promising future of it. Unquestioning, Hyperchain also support all common features provided by existing Blockchain technology, such as transaction, Smart Contract but with a much higher efficiency. Continue reading “Hyperchain Whitepaper”

What is Hyperchain?

Hyperchain is a brand new block chain technology with several break through attributes which no other block chain has been addressed

  • Hyperchain is the first parallel block chain in the world.
  • Hyperchain so far is the only block chain which is open and compatible to isomeric data, which may contain any data structure.
  • Hyperchain is an completely decentralized block chain.

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