Shi Xingguo Interviewed on Current State of Blockchain and Encourages University Students to Try Their Hand in the Field

At the Chain Reaction (II) Summit Technology Forum, Mr. Shi Xingguo, the founder of Hyperchain Information Technology Co. Ltd., was interviewed at the Unifive Speaking Corner. He talked about CCID’s global public blockchain technology assessment index, the Chain Reaction Forum, and the current state of the blockchain industry. He candidly discussed the shortage of blockchain talent in the industry and encouraged university students to try their hand in the blockchain field.

“When we recruit blockchain development engineers, we realize that there is a shortage of people with actual blockchain skills. However, this is good news for university students. It means that even though you have just graduated, you don’t have to worry. Recent graduates and those who have been in the industry for many years are starting from the same line when it comes to experience in the blockchain field. From an employer’s perspective, we value people who have the ability to learn new technologies and explore. Currently, new employees usually require at least three months of training before they can truly start development. Considering the acceptance and absorption ability of new knowledge among university students, it is very likely that after three months of learning, they will be able to surpass those who are so-called experienced. Therefore, I think that university students can try their hand in this field with enthusiasm.”

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