Hyperchain are invited to deliver a Blockchain lecture to Tianjin University of Technology

July 6th, Mr Chen Guangyu, the CTO of Hyperchain are invited to give a Blockchain lecture to Tianjin University of Technology. The lecture topic set to Opportunity in Noise and Excitement – The Blockchain Essence and The Future.

During the lecture, Mr Chen Guangyu starts from the history of Blockchain, then elaborates the topics of Industrial situation of the Technology, the Technical Crisis and the possible directions of technical breakthroughs one by one. The session have taken nearly four hours but both questions and answers are actively and joyfully till the end. Ms Ma Xiurong, Dean of the School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering of Tianjin University of Technology, believed that this lecture have elaborated the Essence of Blockchain very clearly, have greatly broaden the view of audiences to Blockchain , and have brought a very good help to the University research work.

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