Paralism Mining Instructions

Paralism Mining Instructions



Hello everyone, I am coming again, I am a chestnut. Remember me? In the summer, I told you about the consensus.
I am very excited, Paralism parallel public beta network is open to external nodes, want to become the world’s first parallel main network? You need to download Paralism Light node software, here is the instructions!

Download Paralism Light:

Hardware requirements:

The following table shows the minimum configuration and recommended configuration for a single node. You can configure the number of nodes according to actual business requirements and machine resources

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Paralism Public Beta Network officially Opens Mining to the External Node



As the first step in the construction of Paralism, the open beta network of the Paralism parallel blockchain will be officially opened to external nodes. Users can download the Paralism node software to run the Paralism main network node and get the Para as award.

Paralism has been researching and developing of parallel blockchain core protocols and algorithms since the hyperchain team released the hyperchain protocol four years ago. In 2018, the main network and the version of the main network were officially released in Korea in early 2019. Paralism, the technology’s digital economic platform, and began joint development with multiple code-level partners on the main network. With Paralism parallel blockchain technology and the accumulation of development experience, Paralism ushered in the starting point of ecological construction, and based on Paralism’s own sub-chain, develop Para to stimulate the ecology.

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TCP/IP Co-inventor、How Turing Award Winners Think of Paralism



Internet development has experienced protocol interconnection, content interconnection, and interpersonal interconnection. However, the development of blockchain technology makes the Internet expected to enter the fourth stage – value interconnection. As early as the internal testing phase of Paralism, Paralism founder, Hyperchain Parallel blockchain technique inventors Xingguo Shi with TCP/IP co-inventor Robert. E. Kahn, Known as the “father of the internet”, conducted in-depth discussion about the impact of blockchain on the development of the internet at a conference. Robert believes that to become a key agreement for the next generation of value Internet, must be completely decentralized, and achieve the interconnection between the various chains, otherwise, the current blockchain can only become an isolated island, it cannot be extended to a global value Internet. Robert believes Paralism and the parallel blockchain chosen by the Hyperchain team very promising to become the “TCP / IP” of the fourth generation of value Internet.

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