Blockchain needs to be developed in parallel

Paralism : Blockchain needs to be developed in parallel

 Hello everyone, my name is chestnut.

As the celebrity for the first parallel chain Paraalism in the galaxy

For the first time, please allow me to introduce myself .


Let’s talk about the Blockchain

The pioneer – bitcoin

NO one worth more than me, one one slower than me!

Token Factory – Ethereum

ERC20 coinage going to crazy
Only about Money–EOS

To speed up, Give up the fair

who am I ? Where am I ?

Forced  – Byzantine General PBFT

This is a high-level consensus, decentralized? No,it is not !


In short, the traditional blockchain
Either, decentralized but especially slow

Or, speeding up, but sacrificing decentralization
Moreover, no one has achieved cross-chain



What are they doing?
The main reason

It-self Blockchain
Serial data structure


Subject to its serial structure
Blocks must be processed one by one

No matter how fast the protocol layer will handle transaction processing

Blockchain expansion is always limited

Speed up on the serial chain
Will go to centralization, sacrifice and decentralization
Single chain
Unable to inconnect across chain


The problem is very serious

Satoshi Nakamoto said: With no successor
(Finally,let’s talk about Parallel )


One day

One of the earliest Chinese Internet researchers mentioned :
Why does the blockchain not take parallel way?



From one-to-one pair to the telecom industry that transmits CDMA synchronous transmission

Single core to multicore CPU computer
Across road from one-way street to multi-lane road

Solve the expansion
Parallel strategy

The same way
Blockchain is no longer for only one  chain

updated to

Parallel blockchain


simple reason

why did they not think of that before ?

Parallel blockchain

How to achieve it ?

On that day

Who is person discovered the parallel blockchain?

for now

Do we have parallel blockchain?
Can the parallel blockchain really solve problem of blockchain?

what if the parallel blockchain really achieve?
What will the world be like?

Do you want to know ?

Will talk to you next time.

Why do the blockchain need to be parallel?
why is the parallel blockchain ?

what is the advantage of parallel blockchain?


See you next time !

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