Paranut tells you: Why is the blockchain going to parallel?


Paranut tells you: Why is the blockchain going to parallel?

Hello everyone, my name is Paranut.

Last Time, we talked about some inabilities of the sequential chains.

And concluded that:

Blockchain will eventually go parallel

This time, I will break it down

About parallel Blockchain

For starters,

What does parallel block chain look like ?


Comparing to single sequential chains which are

isolated (single chain), blocked (hard to scale), gambling related(ICO ), etc.


Parallel chain

Achieved “one-dimensional limitation” to “side-by-side progress”

The data structure is upgraded!

After successfully transformed Blockchain

From linear single chain to parallel chains

The entire system now has the following features:

(Notes time, please write down)

* Can be sliced and can be expanded infinitely

*Can cross-chain interact

*Highly compatible with all kinds of business


There are so many advantage of the parallel chain

Over sequential chain
such as

Multi-chain parallel block production , improving performance

Unlimited number of sub-chains, infinite Scalability

Can include private chain, consortium chain, public chain

Business can be independent and inter-connected at the same time


To this point
Many may think that the parallel blockchain

Is just parallel running chains

Yes, but No.

There is a very import element here!

To achieve the parallel operation of multiple chains

Each chain has to be in the same time dimension

i.e. Parallel Consistency

This is what most of the parent blockchain and sidechain,
most pseudo-parallel chains don’t have.

This is also an important breakthrough of Paralism.


How to maintain the consistency of the parallel chain

So that the blockchain becomes a true parallel system?

This leads to the innovative structure of
Hyper Block


Hyper Block

Forms the global consensus during its formation

Synchronize and record the key data of sub blocks

Which solidifies the data of countless sub-chains

Hyper block is periodical

To make sure the entire system constantly consistent


Only in this way, we have a



Parallel blockchain structure

(This is what the parallel blockchain ought to look like anyway, lol)


OK, hope you get the picture.

We’ll continue to unveil Parallel Blockchain later.

See you next time!

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