Decoupling transaction data and Chain layer consensus–Paralism’s Special Move!



 Decoupling transaction data and Chain layer consensus–Paralism’s Special Move!


Existing blockchain

Is mixed with the ledger of cryptocurrency

Only support structured transaction type of data


What is structured data?

Structured data design is very disciplined

Just like an Excel
The header sets the format for filling up the drop-down data.


what does this mean?

Because of the immutable characteristics of the blockchain

Xiao Ming wants to give her girlfriend a love letter

And to put it on the public chain of Bitcoin or Ethereum

But because Bitcoin and Ethereum only support “coin” data

Xiao Ming must make a transaction

Then put the love letter in the note with the transaction


What does this reflect about the existing blockchain?
First, none-coin unstructured data is difficult to be on the chain

And most industries such as copyright, logistics, medical and other data

Is none-coin data

Only supporting structured data greatly hinders the expansion of blockchain technology


Secondly , the chain layer is tightly entangled with the data application layer.

When the application runs

The layer needs to interact with the chain consensus at all times

This drags down efficiency

Especially when there are more applications

The underlying blockchain will be too busy.


Committed to diversity and inclusiveness

Paralism is committed to

Solve the problem that current blockchain does not support unstructured data

And the entanglement of application and chain consensus layer

So that it can truly become the infrastructure of

The internet of value


Paralism parallel chain data structure

From the beginning of its development

it focused on both the transaction and none transaction data .

For a wider industry data


Paralism decouples digital currency from blockchain

Adopted layered processing on structural design

Consensus and application need not explain each other

The data on the chain is not limited to a specific ledger structure or base currency book

Customization mechanism can be applied for each sub-chain

Can be used for any type of data



Entity business scenarios supported by Paralism are more extensive

The asset types in the chain are also more abundant.

Equipped with the high performance, scalability and cross-chain connection of parallel chains

Parallel ecology above Paralism

Will fly soon !


Decoupling application data from chain consensus

And support for structured and unstructured data

Do they have deeper meaning?


Get on Paralism

Connect with parallel chains!

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