How is data consistency important to parallel blockchain?


How is data consistency important to parallel blockchain

Blockchain is destined to become parallel

This can be seen

From the Lightning network of Bitcoin

Caspar dynamic sharding of Ethereum

As well as the main chain + side chain structure of Cosmos and Poca

But why have these famous public chain

Still made no progress on the road to parallel blockchain?

The answer may not be as explosive as you think.

It is called: data consistency

To be specific
The time consistency of between parallel chains


What is data consistency?

Why is it so important ?

Going back to the blockchain technology itself.

Blockchain technology is not a single technology

It contains multiple elements such as distributed ledger, encryption, timestamp, etc.

Time is a very important ,but less mentioned dimension
Because there is a consistent transaction record with transaction time

The money spent yesterday

Can be avoided to be spent again today

I.e. Double Spending
Solving this problem is

The basis of decentralized trading

In a traditional sequential single chain

Blocks are in series

Data structure are with forward and backward k dependencies

To ensure the order of time

However in a parallel system

Because multiple sub-chains coexist

Each sub-chain has its own time transaction record

If you can’t synchronize the data between the books

There will be someone from A-chain trying to use yesterday’s “old ticket”

To board the today’s ship on B-chain

That’s a double spending problem

Right there

Think about how mechanical clock

Influenced industrial revolution

Even more than how the steamer did.

The mechanical clock

Let people have a unified time scale

Can work together on a global scale

The data consistency

In the parallel blockchain system

Is like mechanical clock

So how do you achieve data consistency between subchains in a parallel chain system?

A lot of star parallel chain projects.

Did not solve the issue

It is also the core breakthrough of Paralism.

We need to know that
PoB – the Proof of Buddy consensus

PoB consensus is a Buddy consensus algorithm with mathematical difficulty

The principle of using parallel chain nodes for peer-to-peer mutual authentication

Extend local consensus to a global consensus in the superblock phase

No matter the status of all nodes is consistent at a certain moment

When it comes to the global consensus stage is the moment for super block

All nodes of the entire system will be synchronized to reach data consistency 9.

Plus PoW is used to verify the consensus participant’s power conditions

And the cumulative difficulty of consensus from other sub-chains in the business layer

Can help to reinforce the quality of the data on the chain

Highly reliable in terms of parallel consistency across the entire data structure

Through the hyper block structure and the reciprocal verification consensus algorithm

Paralism gives each parallel subchain

Unlimited scalability and cross-chain functionality

As well as the stability as if running on a public chain of Bitcoin

Get on Paralism

Connect with parallel chains!

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