Announcement: Parallel Chain Paralism That Hyperchain supported Has Added Ethereum Protocol Compatibility

In order to better support Ethereum ecosystem projects, Paralism has added compatibility with the Ethereum protocol based on its parallel chain mechanism. The data generated by Ethereum protocol applications with the same genesis block will form a new Ethereum chain stored in the Paralism hyperblock data structure. The number of Ethereum chains is unlimited.

In the future, Paralism will activate a dynamic sharding mechanism, at which point the performance of the Ethereum chain will rival that of Ethereum 2.0. We will also provide better cross-chain support for upper-layer applications then.

Currently, Paralism  supports for:

  • Ethereum account system
  • Solidity-based smart contracts
  • Ethereum Web3 API
  • Development tools (including Truffle, Remix, MetaMask, etc.)

Furthermore, based on compatibility with the Ethereum protocol, Paralism has also implemented partial cross-chain functionality for single chains of Paracoin and ALETH(currently in the functional testing and version compatibility testing stage).

Paralism looks forward to supporting the Ethereum ecosystem better through these new features and technological developments, enabling developers and users to experience and enjoy the advantages of Paralism parallel chain with the minimal cost, both in time and money.

About Paralism :

Paralism is a Scalable, Decentralized and Interoperable Layer0 Blockchain. It is designed based on an advanced parallel chain technology and Buddy consensus which allows cross-chain transfers, dynamic sharding and customized consensus.