Hyperchain Founding Investor post special series of Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Industry analysis

21st Mar, the founding investor of Hyperchain Inc, Mr Zhang Xiangning, who is a famous angel investor and enterpreneur in mainland China and APAC, has published his special series on Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Industry analysis on people.com.cn as headline of Blockchain news section.

The special series will cover topics such as, Would Bitcoin become crypto Gold?, the value of Bitcoin,  the future of cryptocurrency,  the parallel World would  bring by Blockchain Revolution ,  the  myth and reality of Blockchain, and where the technology breakthrough would happen.

Hyperchain is elected as Vice Chairman Board member of Block Chain Alliance of China

8th,Nov 2017, Laoshan, Qingdao, Block Chain Alliance of China(BCAC), initiated by China Center for Information Industry Development (CCID), have just had the Founding Conference session on 2017 World Internet+Industry Conference. The Alliance is jointed by members from over 100 companies, institutions and government departments which are tapping in Blockchain technology and business development in China. Mr.Shi Xingguo, the CEO of Hyperchain Inc, took a speech of How Hyperchain boost UYOO performance for handling flooding requests of copyright registration on the Internet during the Funding session. Continue reading “Hyperchain is elected as Vice Chairman Board member of Block Chain Alliance of China”

ICO bankrupted, new industrial opportunities emerge

3 pm today, seven central government departments have just joint released the Announcement of Financial Risk Prevention to ICO. The Announcement declares ICO illegal and freezes the fiery token fund raising market.

The Block Chain Technology start a new age of digitalized value exchanging and trading. It would create a world-wide value exchange network by reducing the trading latency greatly and remove most obstacles between value exchanges, such as cost or latency in credit guaranty, liquidity provision, order confirmation, clearing of exchange and so on. However, most of the Block Chain techniques are still in experimental stage due to their technical limitation. Although the whole Block Chain industry strongly holds the confidence that the technology would become the next generation infrastructure of the Internet, Gartner predicts it would not take short time that day comes[1]. Continue reading “ICO bankrupted, new industrial opportunities emerge”

Hyperchain Technology and the first pilot project UYOO has won the award of  entrepreneurial leading project of SIPAC

In the recently concluded Suzhou government entrepreneurial leading project support program, Hyperchain went through multiple rounds of selection and evaluation, finally won entrepreneurial leading policies and financial support from the government and experts. This achievement demonstrates our company’s competitiveness and will establish a solid foundation for our future long-term development.

About SIPAC http://www.sipac.gov.cn/

Review: the KPMG Block Chain Industry Report 2017

Recently, the KPMG has just published a Block Chain industrial investigation report:CONSENSUS-immutable agreement for the internet of value. We see it is the best report which summarize published consensus algorithms so far. Although the algorithm categorizing still need to be more clear or specific, and the topic are limited to ledgers, the report looks good to discuss on consensus of ledgers under the status quo of Block Chain Industry which has been drowning in madness of alter coins and ledgers . Continue reading “Review: the KPMG Block Chain Industry Report 2017”

Hyperchain Whitepaper


Hyperchain is a brand new Blockchain Technology with higher performance and hybrid data compliance. So far, there are several well-known problems of Blockchain techniques, such as low efficient in generating blocks, black-hole of computation power[i][ii] and application bind to transaction-oriented Architecture. Although Blockchain technology has been widely accepted as the next generation infrastructure of the Internet, these flaws still are the major obstacle for the technology to become a world-wide network protocol.  The goal of Hyperchain is to remove these stumbling blocks in the way and create a unified ownership layer of the Internet. Continue reading “Hyperchain Whitepaper”

What is Hyperchain?

Hyperchain is a brand new block chain technology with several break through attributes which no other block chain has been addressed

  • Hyperchain is the first parallel block chain in the world.
  • Hyperchain so far is the only block chain which is open and compatible to isomeric data, which may contain any data structure.
  • Hyperchain is an completely decentralized block chain. Continue reading “What is Hyperchain?”