Buddy Consensus-Form a global consensus


Buddy Consensus-Form a global consensus


Last time we talked about
the one and only Hyper Block structure

And the algorithm for the hyper block

In the parallel system

Is also just so special


The one who invented the parallel blockchain

Also developed

The completely decentralized, the patented

Buddy Consensus

Which suites parallel blockchain system like no others


PoW, PoS and other classical algorithms
all involve competition
to select the final ledger writer

PoW competes computing power, and PoS competes stakes
PBFT is no better
It’s permissioned fault tolerance

Leaving outsiders no chance to have a say


Parallel system

All-inclusive, massive data

If you really rely on competition to finally decide a ledger writing right

That’s crazy

So, new approach is needed for parallel blockchain consensus


So many businesses in a parallel system

Why bother to put together

As long as the relevant business can reach local consensus

Then they can be put into collection

To form the global consensus

This will work for a large scale parallel blockchain.


Buddy consensus adopted this logic

Indicated by the name

Buddy consensus is all bout

Making friends
Which totally contrasts with how sequential chain reach consensus

The one who wins gets the right to write history!

Buddy algorithm, on the other hand
Is to form mutual consensus

Among business-related nodes partner
Then get the greatest common divisor of the recognition
That becomes the global consensus
In the phase of hyper block

This guarantees

Parallel business improves consensus efficiency

Permissionless participation and parallel block production for nodes ;

Node status equivalence

Avoid privileged nodes and waste of computing power

Complete decentralization

Suitable for parallel systems


For more details,

Check out the white paper at


I will see you in the next time!

The original link:http://www.paralism.com/blog/buddy-consensus-form-a-global-consensus/



White Paper: