Sharding, Only Possible in Parallel Blockchain  


Sharding, Only Possible in Parallel Blockchain

Hello everyone, I am your friend, Paranut.

I believe many of you have boarded the parallel ship,

since we already touched on the data structure and consensus algorithm

of Parallel Blockchain
If you haven’t, please check our previous episodes


This time,

I’m showing you my biggest secretive weapon

Dynamic sharding!


Sharding is probably

The best scaling solution for serial chain ,

Bitcoin  ,Ethereum and other classic public chains

are all still exploring the technology


without success


Sharding is simple in logic

It’s like urban zoning management

Assign responsibility, split action, overall arrangement

In fact

If one chain can not handle certain amount of transaction

Just add another one


Why has nobody achieved sharding though?

Th main reason

Lies in the serial data structure of current blockchain
In the serial chains, even if the transaction is fragmented

To record the results in blocks,

they still need to get in a queue

and to wait for the competition of ledger writer selection

before a block can be produced


Parallel chain is different from serial chain

Dynamic sharding in the parallel chain structure,

is natural occurrence.
When the sub-chain data load

reach customized conditions

dynamic sharding is automatically triggered

During hash and Buddy consensus

the Network is fragmented into shards

according to the last digits of the account binary information

New shards carry out tasks parallelly

The whole sharding process is seamless


More importantly

after sharding in a parallel system

new sub-chains can form global consensus

during Hyper Block phase

thus guarantee consistency


Global consensus uses Buddy algorithm
Completely avoids unnecessary power wars
Save time and effort
Completely gets rid of the “toll”

Which different shards have to go through one by one

In serial chains


This is how Paralism implement dynamic sharding.

Isn’t it kinda bad-ass?

As smart as you

It’s time to come to Paralism
Try dynamic sharding

Achieve perfect scalability!


See you next time!

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