Get this, the Customizable Sub-chain and Local Consensus of Paralism


Get this, the Customizable Sub-chain and Local Consensus of Paralism


The parallel blockchain of Paralism

Not only provides unlimited sub-chain resources

With single-chain being able to shard dynamically

And each chain being parallelly consistent and stable

But also provides business with

Independence and freedom


Every sub-chain ofparalism

Can customize local consensus


Customization of local-consensus

Means to access Paralism system

In the most comfortable way

By your own definition
Let the sub-chain consensus fully fit the relevant business


Each chain also

Supports common consensus

PoW, PoS, PBFT, etc.

You can check the boxes to choose the suitable consensus

To finish deployment of subchain instantly


Not only can the consensus be customized

The type of chain can also be chosen by yourself.

Paralism can accomodate

Private chain, consortium chain, public chain

Meet real business needs

Guarantee that within the parallel system

All type of chains

Can communicate with no barriers


Paralism decouples chain layer and application layer

No longer limited to a specific structure

Support both structured and unstructured data

Suitable for assets and non-assets

Multiple categories of data
Multiple application scenarios


For the users

There’s no need to

Make compromise or feel anxiouse

For limted choice of protocol
There’s no need to change what you can do

Because what the single chain cannot

In Paralism

You can do whatever you need to


While having the independence
You can also interact with other sub-chains in Paralism

Be consistent at all times

Carry out cross-chain interaction

To fully realize

Flexibility, independence, inter-connection


I won’t tell you

Paralism is online now !

The function can be experienced soon .

See you next time!

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