The Perfect Built-in Cross-chain solution of Paralism


 The Perfect Built-in Cross-chain solution of Paralism


Most of public chains are like lonely islands,

Isolated from each other, difficult to communicate


As the infrastructure of the next generation value Internet

How the chains stay isolated?


The blockchain people are well aware of the problem
And how to solve the cross-chain problem

Is definitely this year’s hot trend in the space


To truly achieve the grand goal of cross-chain operation

There have been many efforts made
Notary public mechanism, side chain/relay, hash- locking

Various terminologies keep popping up
but hardly work in reality


To be specific

Notary public mechanism

Cross-chain controlled by notaries

High risk of centralization , such as Interledger

Famous projects in 2019

Cosmos & Polkadot

They both are evolved from the side chain/relay chain

Once adopting this structure

The core problem is the global consensus protocol of the parent chain

As of now,  Cosmos uses the IBC protocol

It is very complicated and inefficient when solving cross-chain operation

This complexity will increase at a combined level as the number of couple chains increases.

Polkadot is still in the early stages of the project

Its core design also uses a relay chain + side chain structure

However, it is not revealed yet how to form the consensus and consistency of the system.

Neither is the protocol used in the cross-chain verification
For both Cosmos and Polkadot

Cross-chain efficiency and system security

Have not been fully tested


On the other hand,

Cross-chain interaction is not a problem in parallel blockchain system.

Paralism aims to create a value-independent and value-connected ecosystem

It is built with the natural cross-chain solution


Paralism has the advantages of parallel data structure

Providing good soil for natural cross-chain interaction

When the two sub-chains have interactive requirements

Can immediately generate the temporary sub-chain for trading pending orders

Meanwhile, the hyper block structure guarantee the overall consistency of

Parallel chains during interaction

Proceeding to the stage of Hyper block

The pending orders of cross-chain transaction/interaction

Will be settled all at once
The temporary sub-chain automatically disappear

Along with the settlement

One thins worth noting is that

The protocol used during the hyper block stage

Is completed in its design and earned the relative patent


Paralism has completely decentralized ecological environment

Business matrix of asset class, pass certificate, autonomous organization, etc.

Provides a variety of scenarios for cross-chain inter-operation

Dynamic sharding, unlimited scalability, flexibility, no threshold, high performance

These further ensure that cross-chain application scenarios and business scale are not limited.


Paralism’s cross-chain operability

Is applicable to any type of data and assets

Can connect all kinds of chain be they public, consortium or private

Promote further expansion of transactions of the economy

Alters entire blockchain from isolated islands to shared convergence



Paralism’s natural cross-chain interoperability

Surpassed the industry’s original cross-chain approach

It perfectly solved the following problems:

Poor traceability of the cross-chain process

High risk of intermediary bridging chains

Protocol inefficiency and slow interaction


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