How does Paralism go to independence and interconnection of value?


 How does Paralism go to independence and interconnection of value 


How amazing is the blockchain?

The “inside ”  interconnection of value

4.0 Internet “power”

However, the reality is

In the past two years, the blockchain has been  “discouraged”.


“single-chain” project

Can’t hold the pain of insufficient performance

Frequent “fork ”

The one-dimensional world falls apart due to the expansion problem

Fight for value independent : BCH, BSV

The community have a hard time


Interconnection of value projects

Such as cosmos, Poca, etc.

But due to the relay chain + side chain structure of the project

In the system global consensus and consistency

No breakthrough


To achieve independence of value
Subject to the weak performance of serial single chain

To make interconnection of value

But trapped in the existing single-chain isolated and cross-chain projects

Can’t achieve self-worth

Can not achieve value exchange

Distance between blockchain and interconnection of value

Like “ light-year”


Unreachable distance in the one-dimensional world

But found the path in the two-dimensional world


Parallel chain provides multi-chain parallel system environment

For all types of assets and business
Provides a custom consensus subchain

The sub-chains can be isolated according to business needs

Sub-chain dynamic sharding function guarantees

each sub-chainn can have the same performance as the self-made chain

The user is supported by a strong sub-chain

Can fully operate its assets and business

Independence of value


Multi-chain parallel environment

Support public chain, private chain, and consortium chain form

Also provide a natural opportunity for cross-chain interconnection

Various assets, businesses, industry assets

Inter-chain interoperability can be done in a decentralized way

Hyper block consensus globally guarantees data security

Realizing value interconnection


Parallel blockchain technology

Make every value workable

Let business logic have the performance support of large-scale collaboration

Asset transfer and value interoperability in various  chains

The cooperation in digital business on all types of chains

Isolated blockchains merge into one value internet


Paralism Value Internet contains

Coin, StableCoin, Chain Reform, DApp, DAO

Looking forward to business layout

Waiting for you

From here, to independence of value and freedom


Get on Paralism

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